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Membership and Replacement Cards etc


In 2016 we changed the membership card options.

There is no longer a need for members to login to our site.
Memberships are no longer registered or recorded on the website.

As the website no longer has any 'membership' only secure areas there is no need to try and maintain members personal data online even though or site is secure. Members details are in paper form on Niue. The only other NYC member records are the PayPal transactions that PayPal keep secure.

Our membership cards are a proud possession for those who have visited Niue or wish to be a formal member of NYC.

Paid Membership via PayPal and our website include a plastic NYC Membership Card. Cost includes postage, your name, and expiry date printed on card. They are valid for 2-5 years (years plus a month from date of purchase to cover time to print and post). 

Expiry? Check your card for membership expiry, or your PayPal account for details of your membership payment details.

Payment for membership is only via PayPal unless on Niue.

On Niue you can only purchase a one year membership type card. On Niue you are issued a local Membership card that is different from the Membership card issued for online PayPal membership payment. 

On Niue if you require a printed credit card type membership card, the 2-5 year membership fee via PayPal must be used and the card will be mailed to you. The cards are not printed on Niue. Kevin does them in the USA.

Replacement cards will cost $20 and include postage. Request replacement card via HelpDesk under 'Contact' tab on website.

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