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IMPORTANT! You use the mooring understanding that we take due care but can assume no responsibility or liability for you using Niue moorings. Picking up a mooring places decision knowing risks on the Yacht and its crew. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer when signing into NYC. Please report any issues you find with moorings via vhf radio or in writing to NYC office on Niue.

Moorings are allocated by the Mooring Master on a first come basis when you are in Alofi Bay. Call 'Niue Yacht Club' on VHF Ch 10 *AFTER* contacting 'Niue Radio' on Ch 16. The club reserves the right to change your mooring allocation due to size of yachts or other circumstances.

NYC Moorings are constructed using 24mm laid polyester warp. Polyester can also be called Dacron, they are the same thing. This warp has a break load of approximately 9000 kilos (19800lbs). The warp has approximately 33% elongation (stretch) at break load, which is only a little less than nylon. Polyester has a better abrasion resistance than nylon, is the same strength as wet nylon, is not affected by most chemicals, fuels or marine growths like slime or seaweeds and is UV stable. Polyester is the same material many yachting braids are made of. The moorings are attached two, two tonne (2x2) concrete blocks, chained together by way of 2 large genuine ‘Green Pin’ shackles with safety pins (the nut and bolt type).

On the top of each mooring is a stainless steel thimble which you pass your mooring rope through and then attach the rope back to your boat. Do not pull the thimble aboard or attach it directly to your boat, the thimble is left sitting on top of the buoy in the water. The buoys ‘float’ on the line so you may see the thimble move away from the buoys at times, this makes no difference to the mooring and can be expected from time to time. The buoys only hold the end of the warp up and have no structural input to the mooring. Be aware that 4 to 5 metres (13 to 16ft) below the sea surface of each mooring there are some yellow floats, the shallow moorings have 2 but some of the deeper moorings may have up to 4 of these. These floats are to help hold the warp up and off the seabed to both keep the rope safer and ensure the moorings cause the absolute minimum damage to Niue’s environment. The NYC prides itself on minimising its environmental impact whenever possible. One added bonus of the yellow floats is they provide extra ‘drag’ through the water so help to minimise any shock loading in rougher weather. This reduces wear on the moorings and gives the attached yachts a smoother ride so one could think of them as having an additional role as ‘shock absorbers’.

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