NYC Store Payment Update

February 2019.
The sale of Members cards overseas is small, it operates as a service to past members or those wishing to support the club. Due to changes to US banking laws, the NYC had to close its US Bank Account. The NYC is not registered as a non-profit or business outside of Niue. The original NYC US bank account was set up in 1999 well before 9/11. It purpose was to accept US currency without incurring heavy exchange and bank fees.

To be compliant, the NYC has approved Kevin and Carrie to sell NYC Memberships, Burgees and Flags outside of Niue as part of their US business.

One difference you will see is that items now incur sales tax. If you have any questions please ask via the HelpDesk. Your purchases are handled in secure manner with NYC site having encryption. We have never released our members information or sales data to any other person.