New Year Greetings 2017

Fakalofa lahi atu from Niue.

It’s 30 degrees Celsius here on Niue at present with 68% humidity, which could be very different from your place. We are sitting out the cyclone season with nothing on the horizon so far and long may it last !

Thank you to all who have supported us through “Go Fund Me”. Currently donations have reached the $US6000 level and this equates to over $NZ8,000 in purchasing power for our little club on a large rock in the South Pacific.

While our prime aim is to strengthen at least two moorings to allow heavier yachts greater security, replace three other mooring lines completely and relocate two of our Northern moorings, we have planned other maintenance on our washroom. This facility is well used during the cruising season and seems to be much appreciated, especially by all of our “Admirals” who enjoy a hot shower in fresh water for a hair wash.

Since we planned our budget for expenditure over the “off season” we now find that our current lease for our Yacht Club premises will expire in January 2018. Although we have a year to find something suitable near the wharf, there will be considerable costs in relocating and something we hadn’t planned on in December.

This makes the “Go Fund Me” support even more appreciated, as it provides a significant buffer and allows us to go ahead with our plans for February, March and April when the 20 moorings will be deployed once again, and still have funding available for this new contingency.

What’s happening in the next 4 weeks.

Our dive team are being employed to carry out a survey of the Northern part of our mooring field,

We have to vacate moorings North 1 & 2 we have used for 10 years, because of the risk factors involved when the freight supply ship arrives. The Government of Niue – Fisheries Department has donated. five and possibly six – 2.5 tonne concrete footings with attachment points. These are surplus to their current requirements. The only draw back is they are scattered on the seabed at a depth of 20 to 30 metres with their exact positions unknown.

Our divers will find and record availability and accessibility. Once this is known, we intend hiring the Government of Niue’s launch with hydraulic winch on the stern to “lift and shift” these blocks. If you have a scuba background you will know how difficult and potentially dangerous this could be. Each individual block will need to be winched clear of the rock ridges that project out from the reef edge. The launch will slowly move to the destination where each block will be lowered beside the existing footings to be chained in before the season starts in mid April.

If you refer to the diagram of the mooring field, our operation becomes an “underwater” chess game where we can’t actually make the first move until we can be reasonably assured that cyclone action is over for the season.


Cyclone Heta on 4th January 2004 – with wind speeds up to 320 kmph, pressure down to 918 hPa , buried 12 out of 16 mooring blocks. It took 2 years of voluntary work and $NZ14 000 to reinstate the 16 locations. Hence the need to “make haste” slowly in 2017.

In conclusion, we have also received so many reaffirming comments from our donors. As a group of five volunteers on Niue, and Kevin in the USA, it is always nice to know the facilities here and the work involved with the NYC, is appreciated !

“Fair winds” or as the Niueans would say “Fakaaue lahi mahaki !” A very LARGE “Thank you!”