Membership Renewal 2016 and Beyond

December 2016 is our 25th Anniversary.

NYC is changing the way memberships will be handled.

If you had a PayPal subscription you should have received a email about changes with a limited time offer to obtain a Anniversary Card.


Memberships have always been yearly with the ability to renew your card in yearly increments. If committee members were able, they would sometimes replace Membership Cards at renewal time.

Some parts of our website required membership login to be viewed. This is no longer the case. We hope you will support the NYC in some financial way so that all yachties and web visitors have access to information about the club and how to have a enjoyable visit to Niue.

Why do we need financial support? More moorings, outboard for mooring tender, to keep our webcam of wharf landing conditions, upkeep of washroom facilities and a host of items that need attention.

To celebrate 25+ years we will be offering a special membership card to those who support the club during this campaign. Above bottom image is sample of new membership card.

Those who have visited Niue know it is a small group that provides services for yachties. Funds from traditional sources have been reduced to a point where we will need a fundraising exercise to meet 2017 season expenses.

Depending upon donation level to GoFundMe a membership card will be issued indicating our gratitude for your support.

After we call an end to GFM Mooring Campaign we will provide a new way to obtain NYC Membership Card. Cards will be for minimum of 2 years due to cost, postage and volunteer time in providing. Fees have not yet been set. However Membership will remain NZ$20 to those signing up in person on Niue at NYC HQ.

Thanks for your support.
Niue Yacht Club Committee.