Emergency Derrick Repairs

“Repairs Completed”
The Ministry of Infrastructure wishes to advise the Wharf Derrick will be closed from Wednesday 10 May to Friday 19 May 2017 to undertake emergency derrick repairs.
The Govt Ministry apologises for any inconvenience caused but must ensure that the safety and reliability of this key asset for all users is put first.
As previous cruisers to Niue will know before they arrived, that  all tenders have to be lifted out onto the wharf deck. This is because of the open nature of the port and the conditions that often exist in the channel approaching the wharf steps.
Although some emergency measures are being considered to lift fishing vessels and dive operators boats in and out of the channel, movement of yacht tenders is going to be severely restricted.  Any yacht arrivals in this period will need to organise a water taxi to drop crew off at the wharf.