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Membership and Replacement Cards etc
In 2016 we changed the membership card options. There is no longer a need for members to login to our site. The website is open to the public.
Moorings are allocated by the Mooring Master on a first come basis when you are in Alofi Bay. Call 'Niue Yacht Club' on VHF Ch 10 *AFTER* contacting 'Niue Radio' on Ch 16. The club reserves the right ...
Where do I login to website?
2016 will be the last year of membership via our own database system. We are using 'PayPal and a plastic Membership Card' as a means for yachties to obtain their NYC Membership. There will be no need ...
SailMail Low Bandwidth Contact
SailMail users with low bandwidth only. Please use following email to contact Niue Yacht Club with your arrival details. No moorings can be 'booked' as it is first come first served. However we can le...
Has my Membership Card or Burgee been mailed yet?
Usually both Cards and Burgee will go out within a week of order. Exceptions to this may occur if the Committee member looking after that is on holiday, off the island, or yachting activities are taki...

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 Membership and Replacement Cards etc 2016-09-29 14:41:13
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