Beveridge Reef

Beveridge Reef

Within Niue Exclusive Economic Zone you can find another spectacular reef, which is Beveridge Reef. Yachties say its well worth a visit.
About a day sailing from Niue and a great place to stop over on the way to or from Niue.

The reef is hard to find as it may only have a small small sand dune. The wreck of a trawler may! provide a radar echo. Be careful navigating, as yachts have been stranded at this remote location.

Quote from 2017 grounding on Beveridge Reef…

An experienced sailor who has logged more than 200,000 miles at sea, says the accident happened because his high-tech GPS navigational system failed to show the reef. (on 100 mile scale).

“We were using electronic navigation charts on a 100-mile scale which should have shown where all the islands are, where all the reefs are. But it showed nothing.

“Once we hit, I started scaling the chart down and when I got to the 12-mile scale, the reef suddenly appeared. It was a huge shock. I had no idea it was there. We’ve lost everything. All we have left is four bin bags of stuff. But possessions mean nothing. Our family is irreplaceable. We’ve got nicks and bruises but no serious injuries.”

! Niue requires you treat Beveridge Reef with the same rules as if you were on a Niue anchorage.