Arrival Information

Radio, Moorings, Chart, Fees.
Written by NYC Committee 2006
Updated 2017


$ As of 2017 Yacht Visit Fees $

* You do NOT have to come along side the wharf for clearance 🙂

NYC Yacht Visitor Fee for 2017 onward here on Niue is $NZ15 per night per yacht regardless of the length. For this daily fee, we provide moorings, free access to a building on the wharf with toilet, hot water shower; hand washing clothes facilities.
The NYC makes a payment to the Government for the services they provide on the wharf; lighting, an electric winch for lifting tenders out while ashore, safe drinking water, and rubbish/trash removal.

A Departure Fee of $NZ 80.00 per person over age 12 is also required by the Niuean Government and this is payable at the Customs Office in the Town Center when you clear for departure. This is a Government of Niue cost recovery tax as four officials attend the initial clearance on the wharf. Customs,Immigration, Quarantine and Health officials all have documentation to be completed. On final clearance,  one Customs official will provide you with a printed certificate specifically for your vessel as proof of departure from Niue.

While this is a significant increase on the current departure tax that has been in place for six years, it is often acknowledged by our previous visitors, how professional, efficient and courteous our Niuean officials are.
Electronic payments and EFTPOS facilities on Niue.
There is no facility for currency exchange here, but “Kiwibank” provides NZ cash withdrawals up to a maximum of $NZ1000 per day on VISA and MASTERCARDS only.  There is a 3% surcharge for this service.
Most restaurants, Liquor Bond store, supermarkets and the Niue Yacht Club accept the above cards as well.

INTRODUCTION (Provided by Richard, skipper of The Lady in White)
Due to Niues unforgiving coastline, you are advised to approach during daylight.
There are no shore lights even from villages to aid locating the island.
The east shore is deep with a vertical coral wall up to the cliffs. Your depth sounder will not give any warning of the coast.
A yacht was wrecked on our east coast in October 2006 despite using GPS fortunately there was no loss of life.
If you have radar, use it to check your distance off. Good image can be received 10+ miles out.
Arrive at WPs not before 1 hr after sunrise so you can visually check your distance off.
Check and re-check your WP entry into your GPS as mistakes have been made and proved costly!

Sailmail. ZKN2SM
4168, 6241.5, 8308.5, 12373.5, 16563.5, 18856.5
Niue is one of the 21 locations for Sailmail and so the closer you get to Niue, the stronger the signal becomes.
If you send an email to ‘query at’ leave subject line empty… and in the Body put : ‘send niue.moorings’… an automatic response will provide information on radio communications, customs clearance and other helpful information for cruisers on the Niue Yacht Club in particular and Niue in general. We may be small but we are organised. Until we meet on the wharf. Best wishes to all our cruising friends.


NOTE – We have forms and information to speed up your arrival procedure through Customs under ‘Arrival” Menu.
Once in Alofi Bay, call:
First. NIUE RADIO (24 hrs) on VHF Ch 16 to advise your arrival. They will contact Customs and make arrangements for you to clear. Please wait for instructions before attempting to come ashore as Niue Customs are very strict about this.
Second. NIUE YACHT CLUB have a radio watch on VHF Ch 16. Call, and then change to Channel 10 for mooring allocation, advice and other help.


Message from our Mooring Master.
Please use your own line to tie up to our moorings. Pass your line through the thimble, which the pick up float is attached to and leave the pick up float in the water. Pass line through thimble AND BACK ON TO YACHT TO ALLOW QUICK DEPARTURE IN A BLOW.

Approach northerly WP (18º 54″ 70′ and W 169º 50″ 90′) with south in you heading.

Approach southerly WP (S 19º 12″.00′ and W 169º 52″.70′) with north in your heading.

2.5 Nm, 000º north of the most northerly headland of Niue.
18º 54″ 70′ and W 169º 50″90′

2.5 Nm, 180º south of the most southerly headland of Niue (Limufuafua Point)
S 19º 12″ 0′ and W 169º 52″ 70′

** The Niue Yacht Club is indebted to Richard, skipper of The Lady in White for taking the time to provide this information.**

If you don’t follow these recommendations, be reassured by observations of one not so fortunate… “If you must be shipwrecked we recommend Niue with its unbeatable scenery, wonderful people and tropical climate. Happy Friday folks!”

Radio communication. A 24 hour service is provided by Telecom Niue contacted on ZKN Niue Radio on 6215 as part of maritime safety surveillance in the South Pacific area. Can request to go to 4125 for better reception.

When yachts are on the Alofi side of the island and about 5 miles out they can contact Niue Radio on Channel 16.

Niue Radio will contact Customs, Health and Quarantine services to arrange for clearance.

The Niue Yacht Club also has a VHF watch. Call sign Yacht Club and Yacht Club 1
They will also allocate moorings.

Clearance by Customs
Clearance by Customs is possible from 9am 4pm Monday to Friday and 10am 4pm on a Saturday. Sunday clearance for emergencies only, is a possibility. Clearance must be gained before coming ashore on Niue.

Navigation lights on the approach to Niues wharf.
Although there are navigation lights marked on most charts, these may not be operational after storm damage or take time to repair. There are no navigation lights on any towers as you approach Niue. If on two bright white lights illuminate the wharf area and can be seen for a distance seaward.

Other than FADs [Fish Aggregation Devices] there are no obstructions or dangers around Niue, the sea floor drops away to a depth of hundreds of meters close to shore around the whole island.

There are two FADs one to the North of the wharf and one to the south. They are approximately 1 km north or South of the wharf.

All moorings are marked by large orange floats on the lines with an adjacent pick up. Our top priority is the safety of all moorings, and all lines are removed at the end of each cruising season, checked and replaced if necessary. In between times, a regular visual check is carried out by our Mooring Master.

We have 4 moorings at present dedicated to yachts over 60 feet. (see diagram above). These four moorings are located nearest to the wharf, two on the inner and two on the outer mooring line. These moorings have 3 tonne mooring blocks. The other moorings are approximately 1.8 tonnes. The NYC is at present preparing to reinforce these moorings by attaching blocks of a similar size. Inner moorings 4,5,6, 7 will be completed first.

All NYC moorings are South of the wharf.

An electric winch and tender parking area is on the wharf at the landing.
Tender park along side landing area.
Tender trolley available. Please unload your tender and leave free for the next visitor.
Keep clear of landing area under winch.
Please return winch arm and lower hook to 1m above sea level, to be readily available for the next boat coming in.


Daily Yacht Service Fee.

The daily charge is $NZ15 per boat per day.

The damage to our moorings caused by Cyclone Heta in January 2004 cost the NYC over $NZ10,000 in costs and many hours of voluntary labour to replace moorings to the high standard of safety we pride ourselves on. We received no funding from the Niuean Government, and the service we provide can be only offered by the income we derive from your daily contribution. Visiting yachties tell us of the charges per day for moorings elsewhere in their travels, and so we hope we still offer value and services for this daily fee.

A Departure Fee of $NZ30.00 per person is also required by the Niuean Government and this is payable at the Customs Office in the Town Center when you clear for departure.

Facilities at the wharf.
Toilet and shower facilities up from the wharf.
As a matter of interest, the skippers off Tafadzwa and Spetakkle have helped us repair the roof structure to our shower and toilet block damaged from recent cyclones. Solar panels are installed and our visitors will be able to have hot showers. A laundry tub/hand basin is also installed in this area as well. A key can be obtained from the Tourism Office in the Town Center. A $NZ20 deposit is required, so retain your key during your visit, and return it to collect your $20 deposit.

Diesel or petrol currently around $2.20 a litre is available from Central Services and delivery to the wharf can be arranged for a small additional fee. Yachts must supply their own fuel containers. Bulk refueling is also possible, with the yacht moored along side the wharf for as long as it takes to transfer fuel. Central Services can be contacted for this service.

Water supply
Fresh water is also available on the wharf, with an upgrade to this system taking place at present.

Bins for depositing rubbish.
The Department of Agriculture has placed bins on the wharf at the landing site. All of this rubbish is burnt or buried because of quarantine regulations.


Wifi and Internet access.
Wifi Access points currently in operation on Niue have been running in the Open Services mode. That means in order to connect to it, all you have to do is turn on your computer and wifi, and connect. Firstname for username, family name for password all in lower case. In the past we have had problems with some users who have been setting up equipment on IP addresses that we have not authorized for them to use, and in most or all cases, it has caused IP address conflicts, traffic problems, and in some cases, failures in sections of network nodes. This reduces the quality of service to the users who are actually following the rules. If you are unsure of what to do to connect please contact the NYC or Rocket Systems (IUSNs downstream Service Provider) in order to access the wifi networks. You can also use the services at the Internet Cafe.

Setup fee is $25 and they need to state when they arrive and when they leave so we can take them off the list in case the list builds up. If yachts have appropriate aerials, the wifi node can be accessed from their cabins. (See also Internet office in Town Center).

Town center is 200 meters from the wharf.

Parking on the wharf.
Parking space is limited on the wharf and visitors are asked to load and unload at the wharf and then park up at the commercial center car park.

Amenities in the town center.

Internet office.
$5 per hour. Hours 9:00  3:00pm for those who dont have laptops. (see note about wifi available on moorings.)

Bank of South Pacific.
Hours 9:00 – 3:00 Mon – Thursday. 8:30 – 3:00 Friday.
No ATMs on Niue.

Post Office.
9:00 – 3:30. Outward mail closes Thursday 1:00 for Friday mornings scheduled flight out.

The Country Niue.
Affectionately known as ‘the rock of Polynesia’, is one of the largest upraised coral atoll in the world. A single land mass in the center of a triangle of Polynesian islands, made up of Tonga, Western Samoa and the Cook Islands. Niue is located 2400 km north-east of New Zealand, on the eastern side of the International Dateline and is 11 hours behind Greenwich meantime.

The island isolation and coral makeup create an exciting rugged coastline and reef which provides intimate swimming coves as opposed to the typical long stretches of sandy beaches so predominant elsewhere in Polynesia. The landmass of Niue is 259 sq. km, and 13 villages are found along Niues 67-km circle island road. The main city is Alofi that has a supermarket, commercial center, information center, travel agent, and other amenities all in walking distance from the wharf.

Niue lies in the zone of the Southeast trades. Average temperatures from April through to November is 24 degrees Celsius, December to March is the cyclone season with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and high humidity. Niue has not been hit by a cyclone in recent years, but we have frequent high winds. The weather is generally pleasant all year round. During June to November humpback whales visit Niue on their migration from Antarctica to warmer northern waters and they have been seen to hang around the wharf and yachties have been woken up by the sound of their songs under water.

Business that support the yachties and Niue Yacht club:
Cullens Butcher and Delicatessen
Namukulu Motel
Niue Dive
Niue Tourism
Niue Adventure
Alofi Rentals

Diving Information Regulations
Written by NYC Committee
Saturday, 06 April 2002

We welcome you to share the wonders of the underwater world that Niue has to offer but we ask that you observe the following regulations:
1. No anchoring of yacht tenders on the reef.
2. Niue Dive is happy to provide free use of its dive moorings on the proviso that yachts consult with them first. They are available on VHF Ch 14 only when they are diving in the bay otherwise phone them from shore for dive mooring bookings.
3. No more than two yacht tenders on any dive mooring at any time.
4. No yacht tender is to join the dive boat at a mooring.
5. No spear fishing for ANY Visitors unless they are accompanied by a commercial operator.
6. No taking of anything including shells on SCUBA or SNORKEL and please observe a hands-off approach to the coral and marine life.
7. No diving, boating, fishing or swimming off back of boat on Sundays out of respect for the island’s religious observance, the only exception is tender runs between the yachts and the wharf.
8. Yachties must now follow new regulations re humpback whales. See new regulations posting.
9. Niue Dive offers dive trips at discounted rates for yachties. Please contact them on VHF Ch 14 or Phone 4311.

Beveridge Reef

beveridge_air beveridgereef1
Within Niue Exclusive Economic Zone you can find another spectacular reef, which is Beveridge Reef. Yachties say its well worth a visit.
About a day sailing from Niue and a great place to stop over on the way to or from Niue. The reef is hard to find as it may only have a small small sand dune. The wreck of a trawler may! provide a radar echo. Be careful navigating, as yachts have been stranded.

! Niue requires you treat Beveridge Reef with the same rules as if you were on a Niue anchorage.