Customs Arrival Forms

Arrival Documentation for Customs, Immigration Clearance. Updated June 21st 2017.

For all captains and crews intending to visit Niue, we supply the most recent documentation requirements to be produced on arrival at the Alofi wharf to meet Government officials.  We have found this speeds up the clearance process as you spend less time “filling out the forms”

Most “clearances” are completed on the Alofi wharf at a time arranged with Customs and Immigration officials. Call Niue Radio on Ch 16 to provide your yacht’s details and they will contact the officials to arrange a time on the wharf.

You do NOT bring your yacht alongside wharf for clearance. Call ‘Niue Radio’ on 16.

Top priority that MUST be produced, your official clearance from your last port of call.
Failure to provide this will result in a $NZ200 fine and slow up your entry process.

Masters Cert Quarantine (148.9 KB) File downloaded 118 times.

Immigration Form (35.6 KB) File downloaded 113 times.

Health Dept Form (366.7 KB) File downloaded 96 times.

Health Border Form (65.4 KB) File downloaded 97 times.

Vessel Report Form (111.5 KB) File downloaded 23 times.

Niue Cash Report Form (41.4 KB) File downloaded 22 times.