Update ‘Niue Covid Committee’ dated May 11th 2022.

“Fakaalofa lahi atu. 
Thank you for your enquiry.  Our maritime borders remain closed at this time and there has been no announcement as to when they will reopen.”
Kia monuina.”

While there has been some movement (early 2022 ) on opening borders later in 2022, it does NOT include yachts.

For the 2020, 2021, 2022 season or until this notice is removed or changed, the NYC and Niue Port is closed to yachts . No moorings will be in place.  No anchoring is permitted. There is no restocking or refueling allowed in Niue.

NYC will be unable to assist yachts unless emergency authorization issued by Niue Government.
Procedures post Covid19 will be posted when we have them.
All information on site re visiting Niue should be regarded as not current and not in effect.

The Niue Yacht Club Committee is in hiatus and will form a new committee when Niue Government indicates yachts may return to Niue. Please do not send emails asking if you can visit Niue by yacht. We can’t make it any clearer than what is posted. You cannot visit no matter your vaccination status.

Reviewed and updated May 2022

Twitter Update – Follow us on Twitter to receive a wharf webcam shot each day around mid-morning Niue Time.  If there is important information we will send a separate tweet.

Current local time on Niue ~ 4:34am Saturday 1st October 2022


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Album of past images: HERE

These images are made possible with the assistance of Jopoy Solano of niue.nu, Niue Names, and volunteers from Niue Yacht Club.

Weather Data is from ‘Niue Airport’ on top of island, 60 meters (200 feet) above sea level, not sea level at Alofi Wharf.

Images taken at regular intervals during daylight with last image at sunset.

Site last update May 2022